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Having a blocked drain emergency?
Find a drainage expert in Hampshire and East & West Sussex.

With over 50 years experience in providing drain cleaning services and fixing Blocked drains.

Our drainage experts are on-call 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

End-to-end services for your drainage needs with no call-out charges.

Expertise to deal with blockages, overflows or floods.

Get your drainage running and back to normal in no time.

Fixed prices all come with a three-month quality guarantee for complete peace of mind. 

If you’re experiencing a blocked drain, and are in need of emergency drain unblocking, regardless of the cause, our team of engineers will get things flowing again.


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Drainage Services & Prices

Drainage Services & Prices

Emergency drain services

Our skilled drainage technicians are on hand 24/7 to help with any drainage emergencies you have – large or small.

Prices From


Including VAT

Emergency Drain unblocking

Drain unblocking

Our skilled engineers are always available to take care of any blockages your drainage system may have and a wide variety of tools to fit the job.

Prices From


Including VAT

Emergency toilet unblocking

Toilet unblocking

A blocked toilet can be a huge inconvenience. DYNO are available 24/7 to sort out any blockages that are affecting your drains.

Prices From


Including VAT

Drain installation

Drain installations

Fitting a new drainage system can be a complex job. DYNO Drains Hampshire & South Coast have all the expertise and cutting-edge equipment needed to complete any drain installation work.

Site visit required

Emergency drain services

Drain cleaning

Dirty drains can lead to blockages and more serious problems. DYNO Drains have the equipment and know-how to clean yours and prevent any further issues.

Prices From


Including VAT

Why choose Dyno?

Blocked Drain Emergency

Available 24/7

Dyno No call-out charges

No call-out charges

12 month guarantee

3-month guarantee

Dyno In your area

In your area

Dyno fixed price

Fixed price quotes

Our FAQ's

What areas do you cover?

DYNO Drains Hampshire & South Coast offers a 24 hour drainage service to Hampshire, East Sussex and West Sussex including: Southampton, Portsmouth, Crawley, Brighton and Eastbourne. Head up to the top of the page and enter your postcode to see if we cover your area.

What can I expect from Dyno?

Here’s how we’ll get your house feeling like home again.

Book a local engineer 24/7 365, at a time that suits you. An expert engineer will arrive with no call-out charge. You’ll get a fixed-price, no obligation quote straight away. We’ll carry out the work, often on the spot, and give you a 3-month guarantee.

What are the solutions for a clogged drain?

Before calling Dyno you can also try slowly pouring boiling water down the drain to unblock it. If this doesn’t work Dyno are on hand 24/7.

Where do most clogs occur in the house?

The three most common clogs in a household are, Toilet clogs, which can be due to a number of things but wet wipes are a common culprit. Kitchen sinks which can be caused by food debris or fat/grease build up and shower drains which is normally always caused by hair.

Why is drain cleaner dangerous?

Drain cleaner is a hazardous liquid and can cause rashes, burns and irritation to any part of the body that it comes in contact with. Drain cleaner is also harmful for your plumbing system. The acids in a drain cleaner are harmful to any drain pipes (unless they are glass). If the cleaner gets stuck in the U-pipe or stuck behind a clog, it can eat through the pipe.

What causes a drain to block?

There are 5 main causes of drain blockages. All of them are due to buildups of certain things, it can be due to grease and fat, hair, foreign objects, toiletries, leaves and any other non-perishable items that might end up down your drains.

How to prevent a drain from blocking?

A few extra measures you can put in place to prevent drain blocking are; Put a plug screen over your plughole to prevent debris from going down the drain, and clean this regularly, do not pour grease or fat down any of your drains, don’t flush anything down your toilet that isn’t perishable, use a plunger every now and then to remove any small clogs and prevent them from turning into bigger ones.